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Mulch Roget was paralyzed with fear from head to toe as he entered the courthouse. “What did I do wrong” he asked himself as he was escorted down the walkway by two police officers. As he was walking down to the trial podium, the carpet analyzed his shoe prints and compared them to those found at other crime scenes to see if he was involved in them. As he stepped on the podium, the police officers stood back from the podium and kept an eye on Mo (Mulch) and would try to intercept him if he tried to escape. “For this trial, do you take oath that you will tell nothing but the truth?” said a deep voice. Mo was immediately startled when the voice spoke. It was his first time in a courthouse and had no idea what to do at this point. “Look down,” said the voice. As Mo looked down at the podium, he saw a small video screen with the image of a short Arabian man on it.

Ever since the year 2020, the way of having a trial had changed. Courthouses were renovated each year with the latest gadgets. The president had asked the U.S House of Representatives to create a bill that would replace judges with a super computer, but most of the representatives argued that someone could easily hack into the computer and change the trial. Lawyers and the jury were no longer needed and the courthouse had been shrunken into a small room the size of a small New York Apartment.

“As you know or may not know, you have been convicted of business crime,” the judge said. “ The accuser, Isaac Burton has complained to the ABCD (Anti Business Crime Department) that your company Sky Pioneer created the plane that killed his father. According to information I have, the crash known as the Five Points Crash, the worst crash in aviation history, also killed 500 other lives. I sentence you to 500 years in prison (life sentence) on 500 counts of business crime.”

“What do you have to prove this data?” Mo shouted angrily. “Who gave you this data in the first place? The company was never involved in the crash. A competitor known as Burning Star, the company whose planes have proven deadly over the last decade, manufactured the plane. You must be lying about this.”

“No” said the judge calmly “you are”.

“WHAT!” Jim shouted out loud in extreme anger. Before he could move out of the way, the two police officers hit him with an electricity stick (similar to a nightstick carried around by police officers in the year 2004). Unconsciousness was immediate.

While Mo was being carried away, Isaac Burton was sitting in his X424 BMW parked outside the courthouse thinking if he had done the right thing by making a false claim against Mo. After all, Mo was innocent and had never committed a crime in his life. Not even a single speeding ticket showed up on his record. While he was thinking all about it, his cell phone suddenly rang and startled him. “Must be the Boss,” he thought to himself. “Hello, you have reached Isaac Burton at 555-555-5555. Please identify yourself after the tone. Beep” he said as he answered the call. “Guess I’m getting too childish. Better rent those James Bond movies to cure me of this childish feeling,” he thought to himself. “This is the Boss,” said a voice with a French accent. “ Don’t try to fool me with your childish antics and that dumb voice messaging system voice. Cell phones use computerized answering, not what you just did. Getting rid of that Mo was a good thing you did. He was in my way ever since he started that dumb company, COP. If my plan goes correctly, you will receive a mere thirty percent of my profit. And don’t ask me about what it is or who I am. I don’t want my name being mentioned on something that can be recorded. You will meet me face to face at 1243 Wrapper Street. Park your BMW at the Marriott parking garage and walk towards the street. It is a short walk and will take you about two minutes to get there. When you see a black Jaguar stretch limousine, that will be me. You will receive your next set of directions from there.”

As usual, all cases relating to business crime are analyzed by a section of the ABCD after the trial to see if the person accused really committed the crime, or if it really was fake data. As Chris Richfist was analyzing Mo Roget’s crime, he decided to view the video of the trial after he analyzed the data of the trial. As he was analyzing the data of the trial, he found out something odd, the U.S Department of Law (USDL) hadn’t endorsed the judge and the data. “Odd” he thought to himself, “This trial wasn’t really official. Maybe the video explains it.” When he watched the video of the trial taken by a 2342 RoboSee video camera, he was horrified at the treatment of Mo. “This is outrageous.” he thought to himself “It states in the bill of rights that a man cannot be beaten up in court. If this trial was unofficial (a felony), then why did the judge mention that Isaac Burton complained to the ABCD? We don’t take complains because we ONLY make sure that the data is accurate after the trial. I’ll notify the administrator about this. He’ll work it out.”

The most secretive area in the world, Area 51 is a ‘no civilian’ place. During the early 2000s it used to be a test site for futuristic planes, but in the year 2024, it had become a top secret government facility which could listen to telephone calls, radio signals (cell phones) and walkie – talkies anywhere in the world. The call made by Isaac Burton to the Boss had been recorded with millions of other calls on a quantum computer that searches for key elements such as gangster talk, key words, and etc. under a nanosecond.

After analyzing the call, the quantum computer had identified over 100 key elements and had flagged the call. After flagging the call, the computer sent the call to the technical expert Abigail Fox. As she listened to it, there was fear in her eyes. Jim Walker’s Boss was actually a French guy who supported Al-Queda (the Al-Queda hadn’t been destroyed yet). She immediately videomissioned (slang for videophone) a pilot of an Aurora Bomber. “Listen pilot”, she commanded, “An Al-Queda member has been spotted in the city of New York. Your job is to destroy him. You will receive his coordinates in mid flight. Good Luck.”

When Mo regained consciousness, he had awoken in a dark cell in the prison of Hankinson. As he tried to stand up he felt a throbbing pain in his head. “I guess this is the place for innocent people like me” he thought trying to be sarcastic. “Wait a second, Isaac Burton accused me? Must be this crazy headache. I can’t remember a thing because of it. But hey, why did he accuse me? I gave him a free kidney transplant because he was my friend since elementary school. Did someone persuade him to do this in exchange for money? After all, Isaac Burton has always had a weakness for money. But who persuaded him to do this? Did my company hurt my competitors’ business in Europe? “ As Mo started to think more and more about who persuaded Jim to accuse him for no apparent reason, the puzzles started to fit. “I see,” he said

As Jim was walking down the street, he thought he was hearing things. There was a sound of an aircraft’s engine against the background sound of New York’s traffic in the streets. “Odd, aircrafts are not allowed in the city.” he thought to himself. Suddenly his mind snapped to the events of September eleven, two thousand and one when hijacked planes hit the World Trade Centers. After standing for an hour, the towers had collapsed, killing thousands of people. Since then, construction had started on the Freedom Tower – to replace the WTCs (World Trade Centers) and to serve as a monument for the people who died on that day. Despite the American attacks on Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan, the Al Quada hadn’t been destroyed and Osama Bin Laden could be your next-door neighbor Ali Musaf Abdul Id with the long, gray beard.

Suddenly Jim started to run in the opposite direction of the Freedom Tower, barely escaping the destruction of the Jaguar Stretch Limo hit by a laser guided plasma bomb. As he turned around the corner, he heard a voice say, “Hands up Mr. Walker, you are surrounded on all sides. If you try to escape, you will be shot by sniper fire.” Jim couldn’t believe his ears. He looked to see if he was really surrounded on all sides and if the man holding the gun was really a cop. Then he raised his hands and got into the Titanium armored GPC (Guilty People Catcher) used by the local police.

When he was taken to the nearest police station, he learnt what had happened. After sending the message to the pilot, the technical expert, Abigail Fox received a message from the ABCD about the judge and treatment of Mo. She had then sent a message to the NYPD and FBI asking them to arrest Isaac Burton and the Judge. She then sent another message to the ABCD to release Mo.

And speaking of the Boss, well, you wouldn’t like to see his remains. When the bomb hit the limousine, the Boss was instantly killed. The Boss’ real name was Tony Au Revere, a person who lived in France. He was the vice president of Burning Star, a competitor of Sky Pioneer. He tried to create a false case against Sky Pioneer because Sky Pioneer was hurting his business by reducing sales by 20%, a large amount in the business world. Today, I’m happy to say that Mo is a free man. But unfortunately, he got a speeding ticket on his way home.

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