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When ICP was just getting started as the Insane Clown Posse (previously the Inner City Posse), they featured Kid Rock on a track called "Is That You?" on the album Carnival of Carnage. Kid Rock was a local musical bigshot at the time, and ICP's producer Mike E. Clark was a good friend of Kid Rock. J used to follow Kid Rock around, trying to pick up pointers on how to become successful musically, not realizing that, at the time, he was already the biggest rap act in Detroit. (This is back in 1992) That is the extent of their professional relationship.

Violent J of the Insane Clown Posse dislikes Kid Rock immensely, not just because of their different musical styles (Kid Rock raps over southern rock, ICP over various beats), but because Kid Rock is supposedly a racist, known to dis the African-American community, even in front of them. One alleged incident has Kid Rock telling Violent J to "Never trust anybody black in this industry", in front of his (KR's) black girlfriend. For the most part, each group just does their own thing today and ignores each other. Mike E. Clark (still producer of ICP) is still good friends with Kid Rock.

Straight from Violent J of the Insane Clown Posse:

There are people that understand ICP's entire concept and there are people that don’t. Some people love the clowny paint, the Faygo, the profane, violent raps and axe swinging stage act, and some people hate it. Some folks would rather see a band just sittin' there rockin' on stage and playing music. Those people say, "F*** the theatrics and the extra sh**, just gimme some good old rock and roll!" One of those people is Bob Ritchie. He has always hated Insane Clown Posse and everything we're about. Kid Rock has never understood ICP and what it is that we're about. He has always hated our music, our shows, our painted up fans and our whole aura. If you listen to his old albums, dissing ICP by name was a common thing for him to do. He has spent a lot of time trying to figure out what it is that people like about us. And believe me, we have always wondered the same thing about him. I've never liked Kid Rock's music either. He mixes rap with rock, but not the kind of rock I like. To me Kid Rock's blend of sh** ty, white kid rap with old southern rock sh** sucks. I don’t know what he calls his music but I've always thought it was f***in' sh**ty raps for rednecks to enjoy. Even back in the day I remember telling him, "Hell yeah, I love that one song you did" and I'd be really thinking "It sounds like f***in' Johnny Cash rapping over Twisted Sister's music… SH**TY!" To this very day, I'm sorry Juggalos, I know many of you dig it, but I cant stand any of his sh**. He raps about being such a bad-ass tough guy but all I've ever know him to be was a skinny, lil' junkie living off his daddy's loot with a big f***in' mouth.

Us and Kid Rock have been at each others necks for a decade now. We never clicked back when we used to hang out and we don’t click now. We did shows together, songs together, hung out at each other's houses and all of that, but we never really liked each other and it was obvious. He is from a very small, boon-dock, farming, redneck, lil' town called Romeo in Michigan's boonies and he's always been proud of it. We, on the other hand, are from the city and we've always been ghetto, gangsta, hardcore, Southwest Detroit, wannabe thugs. However we both were making music rapping and so we had only that in common.

From what I've always heard, Kid Rocks parents were rich and that is how he was able to spend all of his years working on music and trying to find record deals instead of working on a carburetor in some garage. Our Producer and the 3rd member of ICP, Mike E. Clark, has been good friends with Kid Rock all along. Mike would always do his best to stay neutral between us. I met Kid Rock's brother a few times and I always thought that kid was mad cool. How his brother could be so f***in' cool and level-headed while Kid Rock's such a egotistical bastard I'll never understand. Kid Rock, to me is the kind of guy that insults you all the time and don’t even really know he's doing it. That kid must have dissed me and Shaggy to our faces 1000 times. The only thing I regret about all that is that I never blew his grill out for it when I had the chance. The main reason I never did beat his ass though is because Mike and him were so close I never wanted to put Mike in any kind of crazy position. So I always let it slide.

After about 4 years of ICP outselling Kid Rock locally in Detroit in every faction (CD's, concerts, merch) suddenly Kid Rocks worst nightmare happened. BOOM! We hit the big time and went platinum. That must have eaten him alive. Kid Rock always viewed us as talentless idiots. Kid Rock plays lots of instruments and DJ's and is very talented at many things musical. As for me and Shaggy, we rap and that’s basically it. So for Kid Rock to have to sit back and watch us explode to the big time must have really sucked for him. It's all good though because he didn’t have to suffer that jealousy for long. The following year he blew up. The only difference is that he BLEW THE F*** UP, 8 times larger than us as a matter of fact. This never really bothered us because Kid Rock as a person might be one of the biggest a******s I have ever known (at least he always was to us), but as for a musician paying his dues, Kid Rock has paid them all. He should have had his name in lights at the Grammys long ago. He has been working at it for many, many years and I'll admit that he has earned everything he's got.

As for the Bob Richie today, I can only imagine what a d**khead he must be. Remembering him 5 years ago, before he was any kind of a star, his ego was already so big he couldn't fit his head through a bay door. Now he must really be an a******. I haven't talked to him in years and I'm happy about that. But if I should happen to bump into him somewhere around town, I'll be more than happy to flex his jaw loose just for old times' sakes.

Now as for him dissing us every time somebody asks him what he thinks about us, so what. Who doesn't diss us? That just goes to show you how unoriginal he is. F*** him.

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