Insectica is a microgame created by DTP games maker Trevor Blake. The game revolves around insects, colony behaviors, and the eventual conflict over both resources and territory. It uses a standard attack versus defense resolution system. You can find the full game with rules, units and a map at A Cyberboard gamebox is available at

The playing area is the inside of terrarium where the players’ Queens are placed. The Queen then lays eggs and the creation of the colony begins . Eggs can become one of several different types of units.

  • Workers move items and feed the Queen.
  • Warriors attack and defend.
  • Flyers scout and fight.
  • Queens produce the eggs to keep the colony growing.
  • Mites are a neutral unit that either side can take control of. There are only a set number of mites available.

    The Queen is a very important unit in that it produces more units for the colony to use as workers, warriors or flyers. The number of eggs a Queen can produce in a turn is dependent on the amount of food they consume. Workers are key in bringing food to the Queen. Food can be either dead units, either enemy or friendly it does not matter, or mites. Mites can be used for either a quick food source, they are feed to the Queen, or as a long term food source, the Queens milks them for food. Eating a mite gives the Queen enough resources to produce more eggs while milking a mite offers less up front rewards but can last the whole game.

    The game is still in the playtesting mode, but even now it stands as a good solid game with a high replay value. Since it is still being crafted the potential for its growth is assured.

    As an added bonus the creator is beginning to create a story line to not only cover this game but possible expansions and additions to it. The following is an expert from the game’s introduction.

    From our pioneering heredity studies of the 1940s through human genome mapping in early
    2000s, Andreas-Ross Gmbh. has consistently proven itself the leader in medical and
    military solutions in the fields of genetic engineering. But did you also know that
    Andreas-Ross is the creative force behind Insectica, the popular game of genetically
    modified insects?
    Merely add water to the tardigrade Insectica 'Crystalife™' and watch them hatch before
    your eyes. Andreas-Ross has gathered insects from around the world and modified them to
    work together as a colony - and to fight to the death any other colony hatched in their
    area. No training is necessary. When you are finished with your 'tiny army' simply burn
    Insectica has been used in the boardroom of multinational executives, the classrooms of
    budding scientists and thousands of homes just like yours. However, if Insectica has
    been declared illegal in your area, look for any of our fine computer and board game
    Included in this kit are two queen packages, two colony packages, Insectica growth
    formula, a measuring spoon, one mite package, a terrarium and this guide book. You need
    to provide some scrap paper and one six sided die.
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