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Having detachable parts can impress some people. However, if you're not into detaching body parts, this illusion may be an alternative to Vincent Van Gogh's "cut one ear off to please the ladies" trick.

First, I will explain what happens. By placing your fingers in a certain way, you detach your thumb from your left hand and then swiftly, attach the thumb back into the hand.

This illusion has been known to make little children cry. Please use this illusion with caution.

For this illusion to work, you should (like any other trick) tell a story to avert the attention of the audience. First, face the back of your left hand towards the audience and bend your left thumb in (if you can bend your left thumb out, that's a trick in its self). Next, make a slight fist with your right hand and place your thumb between the middle finger and the ring finger of your right hand. Your index and middle finger should be covering the bottom portion of your right thumb. Place your right thumb on top of your left thumb. To see the illusion in action, slide your right hand up along the index finger of your left hand.

Instant thumb guillotine

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