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You'll be entering into the world of humanity in the matter of a few weeks. Pay attention now and I'll try to give you a few words of caution.

First of all, don't expect to understand it all at once. You will probably spend your whole life, or at least the portion of your life where you have control over your bodily functions, trying to discover the answers to the myriad of esoteric secrets and mysteries contained in this world. Trust me--you won't find them. Not anytime soon, that is. In time you may discover what you perceive to be the Truth and you will become happy with that. This brings me to my next point--religion.

Religion is a system of beliefs which one holds, usually pertaining to the destination and purpose of the soul, both on earth and afterwards. You stand a high chance of becoming whatever religion it is that your parents are, simply because this will be ingrained upon your impressionble brain from the time you are born, and, thanks to your parents incessant teachings, this will most likely stay with you for the duration of your lifetime. Yes, many choose to go a different way from your life-givers, but be so forewared--this will be a most difficult journey. As a human, you will be cursed with a thing called instinct. This instinct will constantly remind you that you should not be doing this, you can't be doing this. The only thing that conquers instinct is a strong will and a truthful heart. You must have these if you choose to embark upon a spiritual quest. Any other method is a path to imminent failure.

Failure is something you will encounter numerous times in your sojourn unpon this little three-dimensional inhabitance. To survive you must learn from this failure and apply its lessons to other areas of your life.

A person is lovely being. People, however, are despicable manifestations of matter. You will be spat upon, cursed at, denied equality, oppressed, and hated amongst other things. By the time you reach your fifth or sixth birthday you should be familiar enough with your surroundings that you start to take notice of these things. Do not let this have an adverse affect upon your attitude. People only control a small part of your life--the rest is up to you to decide.

You may not be born an athlete, a computer genius, a cheerleader, a scientist. You may be born with average intelligence, average looks, or you may be born with a learning disability and your countenance may be simply revolting for others to look upon. Don't despair--this is just another of life's seemingly unfair allotments. You have too choices--let your inherit qualities define you, or define yourself with your inherit qualities. Few people accomplish either of the two. Most are simply indecisively wafting between the committment to one or the other. Personally, I advise you to persue the latter option, but it is up to you.

You are a social creature and thus will have to form many relationships throughout your life. Some of these relationships may be learning experiences, some of them may cause you to hate all of your fellow humans. There is a soul mate for you somewhere. You will find him/her/it. It's a good idea to find yourself first, though, to avoid any unnecessary confusion and heartache.

Pain is another blessing of nature. Emotionally and physically, you will be exposed to much pain, both your own and others. Do not ignore this pain! It is there for a reason--be it to call your attention to a problem you have, or to make you aware of other's problems and hopefully drive you to compassion.

You will have to find a calling. Many people change occupations in their life more than once. Do not go with what will make the most money or what you will be comfortable with. Follow your passions.

I don't know what else to tell you. I have not experienced the full spectrum of every human trial so I cannot offer you a full detailment of every situation you may have the fortune or disfortune to encounter. You will always want to return to this state you are in--comfortably enclosed by the warmth of a womb. Be it through another's touch, words, or money you will incarcerate yourself. This is the hardest part of life--breaking through your prison and fulling living.

Good luck.

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