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Intamin is a Switzerland based roller coaster design and construction group. To date they have 74 roller coasters worldwide (11 relocated), most operating, some under construction, and one SBNO (Standing But Not Operating). The oldest roller coaster still operating is the Jr. Gemini built in 1979 at Cedar Point (Sandusky, Ohio). Their first wooden roller coaster, however, was not opened until May 23rd, 1981 at Marriott’s Great America in Gurnee, IL: American Eagle.

Intamin has established themselves as a mainstream and even top-notch roller coaster and entertainment ride company. Their design, Water’s Revenge, located at Oakwood in the United Kingdom, has the biggest splash ever created by a European Water Ride. The Wicked Twister, an impulse coaster, is the biggest and fastest one in the world located at Cedar Point. In the 2003 Guinness Book of World Records, Intamin secures three records:
  • Highest Roller Coaster – Superman The Escape
  • Steepest Roller Coaster – Colossos
  • 10-Inversion Roller Coaster – Colossus

Intamin also boasts 16 ride and ride component design categories: Gigacoaster, Mega Coaster, Twisted Impulse Coaster, Reverse Freefall Coaster, Suspended Catapult Coaster, Ten Inversions Coaster, Suspended Looping Coaster, Family Coaster, Spiral Coaster, Stand-Up Coaster, Twist and Turn Coaster, Wooden Coaster, Wooden Coaster Track, Wooden Coaster Train, Mine Train Coaster, Indoor Roller Coaster.

Resources include the Roller Coaster Database (http://www.rcdb.com) and Intamin Worldwide.

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