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A view of how knowledge informs yet impairs understanding.

Prior to the rise of homo sapiens our planet tumbled though its intersteller journey as a dynamically (im)balanced organism, subject to the same external health threats as any creature, though on a cosmic scale. Variations in solar output, collisions with asteroids and other large space debris, and other dangers, render this existent Life as tenuous as any of the lives living on It.

The ultimate insult to a life is to be eaten from within. I fight off viruses and bacterial infections, I recover from accidents. My general bio-order is maintained. One day I discover that some of my own cells are out of order, and have lost their sense. I have cancer, and am terminal. There is no question that I must do whatever I can to eliminate this insideously tightening noose; and yet to do so I must destroy a part of myself without any certainty of success. I proceed with chemical and radiation treatment. The cancer has spread. I become nauseated and lose much hair and weight, but persist. The news is good. I am in remission. The majority of the malignancy has been eradicated and what ever small pockets of tumourous cells remain are, with luck, benign.

This personal, microbiotic commentary is directly analogous to the macrobiosis (Earth); and the larger Intelligence must make similarly therapeutic decisions. Earth will do what she must to equalibriate. If there is not a fundamental abandonment of my desire to exceed (succeed), which is explicated as a mass conciousness of growth, then our expurgation as a group is inevitable. First degree Matricide (Gaiacide) is the calculated alternative.

Seeing that our situation is hopeless we are faced with the question of belief. If Humanity is not the supreme organizer then who or what, or how, is IT? Our individual vageries range from utter rejection of a belief system to the absolute faith of the initiate. This variety represents the individual manifestations of our dis-ease. When I am content, or in a state of ease, there is no conception, no dogma; only perceptive receptivity. In this state I "Love, and do as I will"; and there is no harm.

There is a tension; this is of the nature of Lifeing. The grand cosmic vomit pours from energetic concentrations (stars) and is transmuted by incidental transmogrifying concentrators (Earth, you, me, bacillus streptococci) into a form relatively stable over time. Our hold is fragility itself.

This tenuous grasp is threatened when any of the collective components becomes inordinately dominant. In the normal course disease and dearth of food sources will effect a correction. Our human species, however, is capable of reducing disease factors while increasing food sources. This metaphorically cancerous ability could be considered our species' defining factor.

The unique way in which we operate on acquired knowledge to our exclusive advantage is both one of the grandest of lifes' experiments and one of its' direst threats. Knowledge, familiarity gained by experience, and its extrapolation, is temporal in nature and thus transient in its selection and application. Intelligence, understanding, is transtemporal, both outside and of nature, and thus endemic to life. Intelligence is the Ground; knowledge the path of least resistance.

As I tread the path of knowledge my selection of which trails to follow is always re-active, and thus a disturbation in the field of intelligence. So also is the choice of application since I am acting on a reactive premise. It is instuctive to observe that while our applications of knowledge flourish our understanding is commensurately diminished.

Knowledge has impacted on our species' understanding in the relative sense, in that our lot is far removed from that of our ancestors. This distance is trivialized by the actual suffering of large portions of our current being.

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