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Paper faces on parade...
Hide you face so the world will never find you....

Home sweet tome.

Behind all these words are people with feelings. Take care of the people and the content will take care of itself. -- Editor Log: May 2009

Things I read here make my faith in humanity bloom with beautiful flowers. Amazing people are EVERYWHERE!
No, really. You people, all of you, are almost damnably amazing. Don't stop.
Sometimes I log in just to watch the catbox.

I like to write messages to people who will never read them. Maybe if they come back, they will see my name in their inbox. It's my way of trying to show appreciation for people who used to be here, shared something amazing and said goodbye.

And it is bittersweet to find multiple nodes I enjoy under one title, all written by people no longer here. Almost like finding a nodeshell that I know didn't used to be.

I really really hate that I forget so many of the amazing things I read here. But I love finding them again.

One should forgive one's enemies, but not before they are hanged.
- Poet Heinrich Heine

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