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The International Astronomical Union is an organization, founded in 1919, with the purpose of promoting astronomy and cooperation within professional astronomers. One of the chief duties of the IAU is the assigning designations to celestial bodies and any surface features on them. This is CommisSion 5 under the IAU. The IAU has come to be recognized as an international authority in this area.

In 1922 the IAU restructured the list of constellations to the current official 88 constelLations. In the process, some constellations were dropped, including Quadrans Muralis

Other duties include disseminating astronomical discoveries via the Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams. This is CommisSion 6.

IAU's activities are carried out through its 11 Scientific Divisions and 38 specialized CommiSsions.

The IAU is the officially recognized organization when it comes to naming stars. It does not offer the sale of star names. There are commercial companies that offer to name stars but these are not officially recognized internationally.

For more information, see http://www.iau.org.

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