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A profoundly irritating iteration of the browser, given that it indents the first line of each Everything2 nodelet when the page is rendered. It also broke some things that worked properly in previous releases, still isn't compliant with HTML 4.0 or CSS2, and is incompatible with Internet Explorer 5 for the Macintosh, which is a neat trick.

And IE 5.5 can apparently popup HTML outside the browser window, wherever the author likes on your screen. This is beyond the pop-up window. Gah!

Quoth webreference.com: "To be perfectly honest, some of these things are way out of my field of expertise, in that they're the kind of thing I check out, learn how to use, and vow never to put on a Web page unless someone asks me very politely while holding a loaded high-caliber weapon to my head."

Internet Explorer 5.5 was the default pack-in browser with Apple's OS X at time of writing. Microsoft worked really hard to Carbonize their build of the browser to get it ready for Apple's moving release target. The browser is fast, efficient, and is almost a model Carbon citizen.

Macintosh IE is a completely different codebase than IE for Windows. Mac IE is based on a rendering engine known as Tasman, while the PC engine is based on an engine known as Trident.

Mac IE 5.5 was developed not in Redmond, but in Silicon Valley, and because of this, the team is very close to Apple in Cupertino, California, and can consult with each other while trying meet each other's expectations. I hear it was a good project to be on, and one that was mutually beneficial for both parties.

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