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Terminal comprising of a 15" LCD screen and small keyboard, installed in many hotels, restaurants, and pubs around Ireland. It allows a limited form of WWW and email access at an outrageous price (typically around £1 for 8 mins).

Although probably installed by phone & Internet companies as a form of advertising and to popularise the concept of the Web, they're a curious feature, because no one ever uses them. In the past year or two that they've been around, I've never seen a single person actually put money in and use one of them. And I'm around them a lot. Some kids go up and play around with them, or curious tourists might have a look. The prohibitive price seems to deter most people, who won't even try it once.

I suppose, if people want restricted, expensive Internet access 'on the go', they'll use WAP. And even that's cheaper than these booths.

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