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>lonelygirl15 is online!

I just left for a little while to pee, not that you would know.
And I'm not really rolling on the floor laughing.
I didn't even laugh out loud.
Sometimes, I masturbate to what I think you look like.
I try not to do it when we talk, it would slow down my responses.

You wanted to meet in real life, I said no.
I did it for you; you think I'm a girl.
You told me you were a girl; you even sent me pictures.
But now I'm feeling guilty, I think we should see other people.
It's not you, it's me.

>lonelygirl15 has signed off!

Internet kisses are merely clicks and hisses
as you read them line by line.
Convinced that I trust you and that I'll love you
until the end of time.

Silly girl, I'll play with you;
that is until you bore me.
But never for a moment think
that you're the one meant for me.

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