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Interstate 275 exists in four forms, in Michigan, Florida, Tennessee, and as a beltway in the Cincinnati metro area, which spans three states, Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.

Interstate 275 in Michigan is a 29 mile freeway that serves the Detroit Metropolitan Area, Mainly, the suburbs of western Wayne County, Michigan, including Novi, Livonia, Farmington Hills, and Romulus, among others, and also coincides with the Detroit Metro Airport. Interstate 275 was built between the years of 1974-1977. Early on, Michigan wanted to call this Interstate 73, but since it is 29 miles long, it never materialized. Also woth noting is the perpetual construction that occurs on this freeway. Sometimes, drivers find it hard to tell if the road is paved or not.

The plans for Interstate 275 called for it to extend through Oakland County, Michigan, and to meet up with Interstate 75 around Auburn Hills, Michigan. Local opposition groups, such as NIMBY, however, stopped this plan in its track. It is true however, that increased traffic in Oakland County has reprised this debate to extend Interstate 275.

Interstate 275 in Florida is a loop into the Tampa, Florida-St. Petersburg, Florida metro area, clocking in at just over 60 miles long. It is infamously known for tearing apart urban areas, and displaced a dozen black churches, all during the construction. 275 also includes the Sunshine Skyway, the original being a dual span bridge that was built in 1954.

In 1980, however, tragedy struck the original Sunshine Skyway. The ship "Summit Venture" struck the southbound span of the Skyway. The main span collapsed, killing 35 people. Since then, in 1987, a new cable-stayed bridge was opened. The New York Times said the new bridge was one of the best bridges ever built. All traces of the old bridge were gone in 1990.

Interstate 275 in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio is a full beltway around the great city of Cincinnati, Ohio. It is just over 83 miles long, and is the only three digit interstate that enters three states, although it spends sparing time in Indiana. It is also the longest full beltway in the United States.

Similar to Interstate 285 around Atlanta, Georgia, it is an awful bypass route. The corridor is burdened by the amount of people that live along it, and at times, even price of real estate can be affected as to where you live along the Interstate 275 beltway.

Interstate 275 in Tennessee serves the Knoxville, Tennessee metro area. Actually, the existance of Interstate 275 in Knoxville is attributed to the fact that Interstate 75 was re-routed from downtown Knoxville to Interstate 640 west, since it would be more convenient for travelers to bypass Knoxville. Since there was a freeway with no name afterwards, Tennessee signed the former Interstate 75 as Interstate 275. It is a very short interstate, clocking in at 3 miles.

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