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The section between Indianapolis and Evansville is controversial. There are two options here:

1) Build a new alignment, partially upgrading Route 37 on the spot.

2) Upgrade Route 41 south of Terre Haute to a freeway, and use Interstate 70 from Terre Haute to Indianapolis as part of I-69.

Option 2 is something like eight miles longer, and is greatly preferred by environmentalists. Option 1 however provides access to Bloomington and the Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division.

There is also some question as to whether the whole route is needed or is simply pork; it is worth noting that, once you get out of northeastern Texas, a fully-Interstate route is available to Port Huron that is slightly shorter than the proposed I-69 routing.

Interstate 69 is currently a rather short road, going from the canadian border of Michigan to I-465, the freeway loop around Indianapolis.

The US department of transportation has proposed I-69 as the designation for the future NAFTA Super Highway, which will connect Canada to Mexico, starting at its current location, extending down through Houston and ending at Brownsville or Laredo.

Because I-69 will then be a long North-South interstate that doesn't end in a 5, this is bound to give road-geeks indigestion.

Personally, I'm more worried about sign theft.

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