A 1989 effort by William S. Burroughs, published by Viking Penguin Inc. Edited by James Grauerholz, Interzone is a series of short stories, essays and routines--many of which were collected from earlier novels, journals and magazine articles that Burroughs penned while living as an expatriate in Tangiers. Burroughs' writing style, personified here, has always been considered "An interesting challenge to editors" with theme being applied upon theme, suggestions of ideas and inconsistent narration. None of Burroughs work makes any sense until you've read all of Burroughs work. Now you're in trouble....


"One of the hallmarks of Burroughs' style is the reappearance of many phrases and images throughout his work. This is partly the result of Burroughs' multifarious memory, partly due to the chaos of his manuscript drafts, and partly inherent in the nature of the "cut-up" technique. This 'repetition,' or self-appropriation, may even at times be unintentional, but overall it unites the whole of Burroughs' work and lends a kaleidoscopic quality to the writing--and what is a kaleidoscope but a device to reassemble endlessly the same particles?"

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