The first novel by Kevin Canty. I read this book as a book club selection proposed by an individual who had been impressed with Canty's Stranger in this World short stories. Apparently, this novel is a continuation of one of the stories told in Stranger.

This is the tale of Junie Williamson and Kenny Kolodny, a couple of average kids in your average town who themselves feel not-so-average. It's an overly typical coming of age story, and I would describe it as a Judy Blume book written by a man for an adult audience. The problem here is that it's far too immature for your average adult, but still too mature for many teenagers.

The plot flows like this:

Sound a little oversimplified and silly? Well, that's because it is. It's awfully predictable. You know that when two teenagers have unprotected sex, a pregnancy is sure to follow. You know that these kids are not going to end up together, that everything is not going to work out fine in the end. Sorry to ruin that plot for you, but I want to save you the hours this book may steal from your life.

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