Intrepid Traveller and His Band of Merry Pranksters Look for A Cool Place: episode 2:
North To Madhattan

details the second half of the Merry Pranksters bus trip to New York City. From up the New Jersey Turnpike with Neal Cassady doing his thing...

There's a trip to Tim Leary's place in Millbrook. There is film of the Pranksters partying with Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky.

Then into Manhattan as they hit the streets before alighting at the offices of Viking Press (Kesey's publisher).

Then they head off to the 1964 World's Fair.

"The vidie is a little more than an hour, and it's pretty good. Not beatifically clumsy and surprisingly inspired like episode 1, but still pretty good. For one thing it's Cassady's best driving footage-- two cameras on him and words finally fitted accurately to his whirring lips. His face is healthy and tight and his rap righteous, and his spirit is flying. And his mind? Terrific. Vintage Speed Limit."

Ken Kesey from his webpage

The video cost 29 bucks and can be ordered at the above address. It comes with a hand painted box signed by Kesey. and they will ship you the video without cash up front!
That's right! You send them a check after you get the video! Scout's Honor!

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