The Beginner's Overview of The Tarot:

I. Introduction to the Tarot
II. The Major Arcana
III. The Minor Arcana
IV. How to Read Tarot Cards
V. Bonding with the Cards
VI. Tarot Spreads
VII. Tarot Reference Works

I. Introduction to the Tarot:

The actual origin of the Tarot Cards is unknown, but there are many theories that attempt to explain to us how these Cards first got started. They could have started as a child's game, or the elders' way of utilizing cycles to predict what is to come. They could have started from court jester's tricks to please a king, or maybe from story telling. But no matter how they started, the idea of the Tarot Cards has evolved into much more than a simple game.

The Tarot deck consists of 78 large cards (larger in size, not count, than a deck of playing cards) which are divided into the Major and Minor Arcanas. Arcana means "profound secrets" or "mysteries." These cards are bonded with and spread out in various formations to answer questions.

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