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A five note rudiment, usually played either as a straight fivelet or polyrhythmically over two beats.

First note is an unaccented flam (grace note and attack note). Second note is an accent single stroke. Third note is an alternating single stroke. Fourth and fifth notes are a diddle or unaccented double stroke.


      >              |       >               ||
(rl) (L) (r) (l) (l) | (lr) (R) (l) (r) (r)  ||
                     |                       ||

|_______  5  _______|  |________ 5 __________|

A cheese chewbaccadiddle would involve diddling the flam, which means playing a double time double stroke with the non-grace note hand.

         >              |          >               ||
({rr}l) (L) (r) (l) (l) | ({ll}r) (R) (l) (r) (r)  ||
                        |                          ||

Inverting the cheese chewbaccadiddle would involve playing it backwards, which by default would make it off the left, or begin on the left hand, ie:

(l) (l) (r) (L) ({rr}l)

A more advanced version of this rudiment which involves diddling everything but the accent note is a called a Clarker, named after the drum captain of the 1993 Star Of Indiana drumline.

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