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Sold through distributors, Invisible Fence® is a system developed for pets that keeps them safely inside a perimeter so they can wander about the outside world without having to be constantly watched by a human being. It operates through an electronic antenna wire, which is buried at the perimeter to create an Invisible Barrier®. This sends a signal through a transmitter to your pet's Computer Collar®, letting him know that he has approached the barrier. The warning comes merely as a "reminder beep" and does nothing to harm or jar the animal.

She said she needed a job where she could work with animals rather than deal with people. It was what she was best at. She had gone to veterinary school, but was never able to afford to complete the course work. She kept dogs and cats as pets and at one point was the proud owner of two horses. Her world was animals. People were always a problem.

The beep reminds one's dog, or other pet, that they are approaching an area to be avoided. There is training involved. A company consultant helps you train your pet through positive reinforcement rather than the negative reinforcement that a shock or high pitched siren would create. If the training flags are ignored, then a "static correction" is given to reinforce the boundaries of where the pet can and cannot go. The training consultant works to provide a complete training program for the pet so that he understands the nature of the Invisible Fence®.

It was a dream. She told me that she was on the other side of a wall but that I could not see the wall. I asked her what that meant. She said that once I understood what it meant I would be able to find her.

There is also a system for use inside the home to train pets to avoid certain areas of the home, such as perhaps the rare china you keep in that fragile glass cabinet. This product is sold through licensed distributors, such as The Canine Fence Company® in the Northeastern United States. They seem to be the largest and most organized distributor of the goods and services associated with the Invisible Fence® system. They only hire and employ people who are devoted dog and animal lovers, and many of their employees bring their dogs to work with them. Judging by the information at their website, it seems the perfect employment opportunity for a true animal lover.

Information researched through a series of strange "coincidences" at
and caninefence.com

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