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Visit Iraq ! - or so they say.

Many companies have some kind of tourism board, so do communities, villages or islands.

Many of them have a web site, fewer of them have theirs created by the State Company for internet services. But the Iraq version has a web page that has to be seen (or should I say experienced to be seen.

Directing your browser to www.uruklink.net/tourism, you will be greeted by a home page lacking anything english, all links seem to be in Arabic.
Now, we talk tourism in Iraq, so it is time to be adventurous. Clicking a link, you will see another web page - and, alas, this one allows you a choice of language. On offer are Arabic, English, French and Dutch. Arabic is the default, Dutch is not implemented yet, French is interesting - a link to a file on drive F:. This leaves us with English.

What do we get ?
Typos. Enough of them to make the menu of the chinese restaurant around the corner look like a pulitzer price worthy piece of art. (Or my English into something readable - but I digress).

But to be fair, this site has a lot to offer. Accomodation and feeding will give you a list of hotels and restaurants. We learn that the Al Rashid hotel has rooms with: Coloured T.V., central heating and air conditioning, telephone, Radis with two wares (FM- AM), refrigerates room services, batnes, direct-phone, morning darm, music channel, indervidio. and it offers business men services. (I wonder what the latter are - do I really want to know ?).
The Isthar however offers especial palace for dressing up.
Still - the Babylon would be my pick. Their advantage : Chines Restaurant (the best Chines in town ).

Before I leave you to explore the wonders of tourism in Iraq by yourselves, let me tell you that you might not have to sweat much during your trip - the Air Transpiration section (to be found under transport) is still under construction.

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