Republic of Ireland

The following political parties are currently represented in Dáil Éireann, Ireland's national parliament. There are of course many political groups in the state, but only those which have succeeded in gaining electoral representation are listed here. The number in brackets after each party's name is the number of seats it currently occupies in the Dáil. Following this is the name of the European Parliament grouping to which this party belongs, where available.

Northern Ireland

The following is a list of parties represented in the Northern Ireland Assembly. The first number after the name of the party is the number of assembly seats held by that party. Where applicable, this is followed by the number of Westminster seats held by the party.

Note: Some of the writeups for these parties are rudimentary at best. My next project is to improve these, so please bear with me. A number of the parties listed below, however, such as the United Unionist Assembly Party, may not be written up, as they owe their brief existence to splits within other unionist parties.

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