Someone once said that you never really miss something until it's gone.

I never considered the relevancy of this until now. A few days ago i lost something, a something that my father had given to me. It seemed insignificant when he gave it to me, but then again i was younger and we fought quite a bit. Typical father/son quarrel? Perhaps.
The thing that was most important about this (at least to me) was that he had engraved my initials into the cover. Sure, it was a rather inexpensive item, an electroplated Zippo lighter that could have easily been found anywhere, but he had engraved it himself.
 To anyone else, my lighter wouldn't have the significance of a building or some cryptic antique. But to me it resembles something that i can never get back, not just the artifact itself but a gesture that i didn't bother to realize.

 My father has cancer now, a very rare form of it. In all likelihood he's going to die within a few years.

 Irreplaceable? Hell Yes.

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