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Is dem_bones a lone hero?

Note: this is not a GTKY node, so read it first. Disclaimer: none of the things said in this node are factual in any way. In fact, dem bones doesn’t even exist.

Dem bones has been previously characterized as a hero, but the real question is, Is dem bones a lone hero?

The qualities needed to be a lone hero (and those which can actually be defined) are recapped as follows; the lone hero

The consideration that must be undertaken first is that dem bones' existence as part of a marginal society. It would seem that E2 fits the bill for this aspect. We are not a mainstream society, and the values expressed here are certainly not the social norms of current society. So if this is true, and Everthing2 does follow the pattern of lone hero models, then it follows that the citizens of E2 should be either criminals or else survivors of some sort of Everything2 Apocalypse. I’m not sure, but the Everything2 Civil War may qualify in this regard. So far, this characterization appears to be accurate.

In fact, the idea expressed that dem bones is E2's evil grand vizier, or words to that effect, seem to support this theory, since everythingians are marginalized criminals, so naturally, a badass lone hero would appear evil in comparison to themsleves. (Although, this idea suggests that nate is actually a malevolent super-villain)

Having established that dem bones exists as part of a marginal society, we move to the consideration of special skills. The question of whether dem bones has special skills is actually more complex than it appears at first sight. One could easily point to the editorial powers dem bones possesses, and his various other power congruent with his current status at level 11. However, it begs the question whether these are actually 'unique' special skills, in that other users can simply obtain this level (difficult though it may be), and acquire editorial powers without truly becoming a lone hero. So to resolve this question, we must look to other special skills. Dem bones, it seems, actually does have special skills in the form of mental acuity, demonstrated by his kick ass node-fu, high XP quotient, and good write-ups. Some other special skills that dem bones may have are physical strength; according to dem bones himself, in the capacity of his heroic duties, he has purchased a sword and armor, and since he hasn’t died yet, one presumes he has some degree of physical strength. Unconfirmed rumors of dem bones' special skills include node slaying powers, and moJoe baiting.

The next logical question in this field of inquiry would be, does dem bones use his special skills to help innocents (or the weak) and mete out justice. This question is rather subjective, as the exact nature of justice can be illusory. However, in this case, Plato's idea of justice as practicing only one own job/craft, will be accepted. Also, in practicing a craft well and justly, one will have knowledge of the form of one's subject. In this case, dem bones seem to do an excellent job at the craft of noding, as well as having knowledge of the 'form' of the node (see The perfect node). Thus dem bones is just, and metes this justice out to all of Everything2. The secondary issue is whether dem bones helps out the weak and innocent, as well as fighting against tyranny. This is obviously the case, as evidenced by dem bones' renown for helping innocent young noders, and fighting the injustice of an unfair downvote.

The final questions of whether dem bones is marked as a hero and whether he's looking for a quiet life doing one's own work are relatively easily to settle now that the preceding queries have been laid to rest.

Dem bones, by pursing the craft of noding, yet still 'returning to the cave' (see Plato's Allegory of the cave) as Everything2's Philosopher King shows that he is in fact following the Platonic Ideal of pursing a quiet life doing one's own work. The final question, of whether dem bones is marked as a hero should be evident by now. After all, anyone who has been born into the nodegel and acquired the ability to alter Everything2 at will, must be marked as a hero, marked as 'the one', an agent-kicking, node-fu fighting, ninja god for us all to look up to.

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