Little humans floating around in a vast universe, rarely stopping to note the intricate vein'y patterns on the petal of a flower, a leaf, to count the number of stars in a midnight sky. Days seemed to be numbered by an invisible force, time is not something to place trust in, and the only thing you can really count on is that you'll eventually die, leaving the world, everything and everyone, behind. Right?

Well, not really.. that's a rather typical way of looking at the universe and d e a t h in general, but probably not the best. It's true that we will all die at some point, unless of course someone invents some messed up immortality drug, or something else along those lines. For the time being, let's assume that this will not happen, and that death is inevitable, at least for our generation.

The problem is the amount of focus that is placed on starting and ending, as opposed to the middleground, the in-between. There is more than just death, more than birth, some people tend to dwell on the fact that there is a time limit, as if life is some sort of game and if you don't complete a set list of tasks, find all the secret areas, make all the right connections, then all is lost, that is, they wasted their life. Life is never wasted.. I have to wonder about those who can look back on past years and completely forget that they've been responsible for numerous smiles, whether they wanted to be or not. I've smiled many times just because people exist, I've smiled for each and every little human on the planet.. even the twisted freaks. (No, especially the twisted freaks.)

Sure, this is all going to end someday, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be using the time you've got, even if you just use it to sit there and stare at the sky, dance in the rain.. of course, you could also try a number of other nifty things that will make your life seem worthwhile. Teach someone to read.. an amazing feeling of accomplishment that you could help someone to be able to experience glorious text'y greatness. There are millions of ways to pass your time here in the universe, a lot of them good, and many of them really terrible. The thing you need to do is remember that you've the ability to be much for many, many people, by simply being.

I guess there is also the question of where you think that you'll end up after you leave this world. If you dwell on that a lot, you'll tend not to enjoy life quite so fully. It doesn't quite matter at this point where you're going, it just matters that you're always on your way there, so you might as well make the trip an interesting one.

If you're sitting there thinking, "What's the point of it all, this crazy messed up life?", try to remember that there doesn't have to be any one reason for anything. Maybe you're just here to breathe, maybe you're here to save humanity from self-destruction, or maybe you're just here to be.

Is the fact of your certain death, enough to prevent you from enjoying life? Only if you let it, only if you want it to be, only if you forget, or don't realize, that the universe is intensely amazing and so achingly beautiful..

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