I like to take these unusual characters and then make them as normal as possible, because we all know that the tragedy and the abnormal always hides itself behind the normal.
Isabelle Huppert in an interview at the 2001 Regus London Film Festival

French actress Isabelle Huppert was born in Paris in 1953 into a bourgeois family. Her mother was an English teacher and her father a company director. She has three sisters, whereof two movie directors and one economy professor. Their brother is a writer and an avid piano player, like their mother. Isabelle, who is the youngest child, also played for 12 years before abandoning the piano.

"They saw me as quite an easy child; I softened them. It's cute, softening, but it's not very constructive," said Huppert in a 1997 interview with the French paper Libération. Finding out she was not talented in the ways of figure skating or science, she decided, supported by her mother, to become an actress and studied, after playing some minor and medium roles on and off the tv screen, at the Conservatoires d'Art Dramatique in Versaille and in Paris.

The actress that once stated that she wouldn't want to age on the screen, to play the mothers, is today more respected than ever for her work. She is a mother off-screen - of three - and has also played a mother, although not all of them equally motherly. One example is her role as Madame Bovary in Claude Chabrol's 1991 adaptation of Gustave Flaubert's classic novel. Chabrol is one of the actors she has returned to work with several times - they first worked together in 1978. The director Bertrand Tavernier is also closely linked to Huppert's career. He cast her in her first movie and also worked with her later on.

To get a part in one of Hal Hartley's movies, she allegedly wrote the director - whom she didn't know - saying "Trust me!" He then included her in his next project - Amateur.

One of her most stunning and celebrated performances in later years is that of Erika Kohut in the rather controversial La pianiste by Michael Haneke, where Huppert plays a piano teacher with somewhat unhealthy sexual inclinations. For the movie, the actress also had to start practicing playing the piano again, as Haneke wanted this part to be as realistic as possible. Said Huppert in the London Film Festival interview: "Each character is, at the same time, a monster and human being". Personally, I found her performance absolutely breathtaking, in an excellent movie that was really quite hard to watch.

In 2002 she also starred in 8 femmes, alongside a selection of France's finest actresses, including Catherine Deneuve, Emmanuelle Béart and Fanny Ardant. Huppert is the actress that has been nominated the most times for the French movie award César and has taken home several awards from movie festivals such as Cannes, Venice and Montreal.

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