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Isle Delfino is the beautiful tropical island paradise in the Nintendo GameCube game Super Mario Sunshine. Shaped like a dolphin, this is the island where Mario is charged with polluting the island and is sentenced to clean it up. Settings based on the island appear in Mario Power Tennis and Super Mario 64 DS.

The island is everything you'd expect from a lush tropical vacation spot. There's the main village, Delfino Plaza, where the citizens sell fruit from little shops. There's a beach near the lighthouse and tour boats sail from the harbor every few minutes. The plaza sports twin bell towers, but the centerpiece of the area is the Shine Statue near the harbor. Visitors to the plaza should be on the lookout for a Yoshi egg hidden on the rooftops.

Venturing away from Delfino Plaza takes tourists to a myriad of places. First there's Bianco Hills, a little village full of windmills and tightropes. Adventurous folks can choose to walk the ropes high above the lake. Just watch out for those nasty gusts of wind. For maritime fun be sure to visit Ricco Harbor. Serving as the island's seaport, tourists can check out the goings on and even go Blooper surfing. If you're hungry, hop on up to the fruit machine and take all you want. Just be sure to watch out for the Gooper Blooper. Want to relax on the beach? Head over to Gelato Beach and admire the giant mirrors that focus sunlight on a giant egg. Wiggler's been seen lurking about, however, so keep on your toes. Daredevils can ride the mysterious Sand Bird. Everyone loves an amusement park, and Isle Delfino has you covered. Pinna Park sports a ferris wheel, roller coaster, Yoshi-go-round, swinging ships, and even rides for the kiddies. Meddling Koopas have been known to mess with ride operations, so be careful while you're having fun. Don't miss the annual Water Rocket Shoot. Sirrena Beach is the home of the fabulous Hotel Delfino. Just watch out for electric slime. The hotel is completely full-service and features a casino, two floors of guest rooms, fruit bar, pool, and lots of ghosts. Dang, where's Luigi when you need him? If you want to scale cliffs and admire a waterfall, then Noki Bay should be your next stop. Adventurers will be interested in the secret caverns and tombs that were built by ancient royalty. Be warned, however, that a large angry fish with bad breath has been seen lurking in the waters... Do you want to see normal village life in action? Head over to Pianta Village and take in the large mushrooms and hot spring. Some of the locals like to keep Chain Chomps as pets, so things are always interesting at the village! Rumor has it the entire place is built on top of a grid-like pattern of fences. Be sure to visit during the Fluff Festival. For the truly curious Corona Mountain is a must-see. What secrets lie in the old volcano? You'll just have to see for yourself...

Visitors to Isle Delfino are advised to be on the lookout for a suspicious mustached man who is suspected of gumming up the island with all sorts of pollution and gunk. If you should see him, please contact the proper authorities.

And once again, welcome to Isle Delfino!

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