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Reality, it doesn't get any better than this

People disagree, they say truth is hard to miss

But I cannt see, or know how there's more to say

Than what I believe, that its all ok

When you think it through, there really is no guarantee

All that you can do, is chase a fantasy

Why not sit back, and take life as it comes

'Cos its a fact, that you'll end up where you came from

But its all ok, it'll be fine in the end

And if you sway, you can rely on that old friend

Reality, with you for all time

Until you can see, all you need is inside

If I had my way, and could choose my own path

There'd be no "ok", no more time in the dark

But I've got no control, so can't have a choice

Left in a hole, no power, no voice

But right now, there's just one thing to say

Screaming out loud, as the world fades away

No sign of peace, no light of the day

But how do I feel, well "its all ok"

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