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A Greek restaurant on the corner of Lake and Lyndale in Minneapolis. Recommended if you like Greek food, or if you don't know if you like Greek food. The portions are quite adequate, and prices are reasonable (expect to pay about $12 for a meal). I eat there fairly often, and I've never had a meal I was disappointed in. Their saganaki is, alas, not as melty as at Christos, but this is made up for by the large quantities of wonderful fresh pita they supply you with. Call ahead on weekends, because there will likely be a wait.

Tip: If you're with a friend, and neither of you is more than moderately hungry, consider sharing a gyros plate... it's the cheapest entree on the menu, and it's quite filling, and wonderfully seasoned. Just be sure to order an extra cup of the excellent egg-lemon soup.

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