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A good friend of mine has been trying for at least a year now to get pregnant. She and her husband have done the fertility tests and the various drugs that cause ovulation, etc., etc. It's been a pretty emotional time for them, what with the constant cycle of expectation immediately followed by disappointment.

Sad thing is, she has to be so selective about who she talks to about the process and her feelings because people keep telling her "It's all in God's time." How on earth is that helpful? You might as well pat her on the head, send her along with a glass of milk and two chocolate chip cookies, and tell her "I'll explain it when you're older."

Of course everything happens in God's time. Why do we think that stating the obvious brings comfort?

Update as of 01/24/01: Amie is expecting her first child this coming July. What's so terribly cool about the timing of all this is the fact that when the the fertility guru of Michigan looked her in the face and told her she'd never conceive, unbeknownst to her she was pregnant at that very moment. Isn't God cool?
Update as of 06/25/01: Amie successfully delivered her first born son, Jacob Robert, after hearing my band play at an outdoor festival today. I wonder if the music hastened his early arrival? Everyone is happy and healthy.

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