Maybe you think that hospitals are clean, safe places where technical people make everyone better. It will seem that way to you until you go visit someone there, and they are getting worse, and the room smells like plastic fluid bags and death.

Perhaps you imagine that cars are fast, comfortable machines that get you around town effortlessly. You will, until you are in a bad accident and glass shatters all over your front seat and you get out, unharmed, to find smooth bumpers shattered and bent. Edges so sharp they tear your jacket when you pass around the corner. It looks vicious and mean. Like an animal with claws and sharp teeth. It missed you this time. But you will never look at a car the same way again.

Some day you will be visiting a friend from out of town and they will tell you how a mutual acquaintance has just died. You will sit at a table drinking coffee, staring at the distance between the two of you and pondering all the things you never told ________. And you will smile to your friend and tell them, "You know, if he were here he would say- don't be so glum- lets go DO somthing! " And you go and Do something and it feels great and life has more meaning on that afternoon than it has in months- and you know that it is your friend's gift to you- and you'll smile.

It's colder than it looks outside.

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