it all burned up in the fire


no windows. no air. it always smelled like stale semen in there. she never went to sleep she always passed out.

buying more locks for the door

sleeping with a knife


the ants came in from the garage and made a black stream up the wall. nobody even tried to get rid of them



four years married, she will not let him watch her undress


she would play this game. how long can you go without someone touching you? No danger of it happening at home, and at school she can create an invisible sphere of poison around herself as she walks through crowds. this could go for weeks until the goddamn dentist ruined my streak

we were just talking but suddenly he was kissing me so fast and I didn't want it but it was easier to say, what the hell. i was tired.


I trusted you


can't even tune it out. tv doesn't work, music hasnt for a while. denied that dullness, I'm on edge on twich alert all the time, my right eye, my left hand, they jerk, the blood goes flip, flip

and the heart stutters now

they kicked it to death

they locked him up, I did not understand



he scowls in his sleep

he assumes they will not like him, it is easier

cant stop shaking

laughed in his face

the year nobody went outside

she doesn't know what day it is

could not even call in sick to work, she kicked the phone off the hook and cried herself back to sleep

the night he shook the baby




she got rid of her furniture, covered the walls in white fabric, slit her wrists, and went to work painting. he thinks this is beautiful.

it's my own fault for expecting too much from you

still sleeps with the light on

in a cage


weeping silently and without tears

the mice crawling on him as he tried to sleep

covered in sores

it did not ever heal

your own. worst. motherfucking enemy

threw it against the wall

she did not leave a note

I hit it and kept driving. it was not dead yet

claws, teeth

we'll just have to wait and see

chance of survival

please turn the light off. please

the pain you cannot spare your children

did not call the police

has not eaten for days

locked herself in the bathroom, he was screaming


kept quiet

behind a fence

nobody lives there any more


it is helpful to pick an object and focus on it. it is beautiful when the world collapses to a point. darkness will swoop in to frame your apple, your hand, your clean china bowl, the one thing left that will not hurt you

all the people you forgot.

she could not make a sound

driving too fast because we were fighting. so we could get there sooner and not speak to each other more

women and children

they never saw it coming

nobody talks about him any more

he is touching me, why don't I feel grateful

after they were raped she bathed the others before she bathed herself


clawing at his face

there was nothing left

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