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It's the height of summer and the hygrometers
are peaking in the valley with local maximums
breaking records by more than the kilometers
separating the sufferers from the dancing chrysanthemums.

The afternoon rain drips slow and sluggish.
Shoppers stroll back to their cars dodging the drops
even whilst childrens' legs look like two fish
glistening from the puddles collecting their bounding hops.

Late choruses of thunder reach a crescendo;
the littles edge their chairs until their feet hit the sheet
of tepid rain storm gutter overflow. And though
the parents chide, they still chair-dance/giggle with their summer-swept feet.

Paperplate service cools down the kitchen,
passing out glass jars with awl poked dotted lids
to capture fireflies and the moment which in
they're rocking back drinking in the song of the katydids.

reQuest 2018 // Fill any softlinked nodeshell at the bottom of the Hot Dog Variations node.

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