Before your guests arrive for that kick-ass New Years Eve party you're should make sure you have everything you need to have a good time.
  • Jello Shooters
  • PJ
  • cherry poppers
  • champagne and plastic champagne glasses (cus lets face it, you can't trust your friends with the glass stuff)
  • a blender already plugged in by the sink so you can make the mixed drinks of choice for the ladies present
  • grub: pizza, chips, fresh cut veggies
  • lots of CD's to choose from during the night
  • a movie or two (Animal House is a good one)
  • some place for everyone to sleep, or a number for a taxi company by the phone or even better on speed dial
  • enough trash cans or buckets for everyone to spew in just in case

Can't remember how to make Jello Shooters?

There are several different ways to make Jello shooters.

  • One of my favorite recipes leaves you with something close to a gummi-bear flavor. Like the simple jello shooter recipe you mix half with hot water, and half with liquor, however you don't use Vodka. Instead, you pick your jello flavors carefully then get the corrisponding Schnapps for that flavor. Peach jello gets peach Schnapps, etc.
  • You can use any clear liquor you want in your jello shots. The best, and most potent is Everclear.
  • A tip for making more potent shooters with less potent alcohol is to cut back on the amount of hot water you add in. Each box calls for 1 cup of hot water, you can safely add a half cup of boiling hot water and still dissolve the jello completely. You would then add that missing half cup into the amount for the cold liquor. However I caution you that a cup of alcohol per box is pretty damned potent and my own experience tells me that a half cup of liqour is best if you don't want your guests vomiting before midnight.
  • Have fun with your shooters..don't restrain yourself to the dixie cup method. One of the most fun times I had with jello shooters happened when my sister-in-law made the jello in a cookie sheet then cut little squares out. People were slurping jello from cherry stained fingers, cleavage, and from other peoples lips all evening.

What the hell is PJ?

This concoction has lots of names and recipes I'm sure, but I only know it as PJ, and I learned it from the local frats in Raleigh when I was in college. It's fun, potent, yummy and did I say potent?

What you need:

In my experience you use a cooler for the PJ so that people can dip their cups in it as they pass by. You combine the entire Hawaiin Punch container(s), at least two large cans of mixed fruit, and a pint or more (depending on how much Hawaiin Punch you use) of the Everclear. Mix it good, add some ice to keep it cold and you are good to go. Keep in mind the ice will melt and water down the concoction so add it about ten minutes before the guests are scheduled to arrive. The best part is the fruit will absorb the liquor so when you're at the end of your drink and you're munching on the fruity goodness, you will be intoxicating yourself further.

Cherry Poppin goodness

You can achieve this yumminess with any fruit, but cherries have that "I can't keep my hands off it" quality that will have your guests stabbing at them with little plastic swords. Basically you pick a liquor (usually Rum, Vodka or the ever popular Everclear) put the cherries in a bowl, pour the liquor in until the entire bowl of fruit is just covered and regrigerate for two days. Don't worry when the liquid dissappears, it's supposed to. You can add some in, but don't refill, you'll end up with a juicy mess to deal with at party time. If you're in a hurry you can do this overnight as well, it just won't be as potent in the end. If you want to retain the cherry flavorings, keep the cherry juice and pour it over the cherries just before you serve the poppers.

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