Somewhere deep within the recesses of my mind there exist certain aspects of my life which I cannot properly define as reality or fiction. It is this uncertainty that leads to much of my awkardness around humanity. Sometimes, I feel like a person has said something to me that completely changed our relationship, or that I did something to alter the way in which he/she perceives me, but this person refuses to acknowledge the change which I am sure has occured. This leaves me feeling impotent and I wish to speak up and correct what I know to be a slight misunderstanding upon the part of the other party, but I can't because of the fear. The fear that I might make a fool out of myself. The fear that things will never return to their orginal, albeit unfullfilling state. The fear that I will be right, that it was not a dream, and that things will change.

Change is good. People are bad.

A nodeshell rescue by hamstergirl.

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