A german word meaning "master hunter". A Jägermeister will pay wads of cash for the exclusive hunting rights to a fixed land area. Anyone wishing to hunt within this area must have the permission of the Jägermeister.

Also a stomach bitter like alcoholic beverage made from 56 herbs. Until recently was not included in your customs declaration (upon returning to the country) because it was considered a medicine. Product of Austria and/or Germany.

Thick, medicinal-tasting 70 proof liqueur that is an established favorite among frat boys and "hard rockers" alike. There is an urban legend surrounding Jägermeister that its ingredients include some unspecified opiate. That, and the umlaut, could account for the drink's appeal.

Due to its inebriating effects, Jägermeister ("master hunter" in the original German) has been dubbed "liquid valium" and has a reputation for introducing even the hardest drinker to the floor with only a few shots.

Jägermeister is heavily promoted on colleges nationwide in the US by a team of over nine hundred Jägerettes for the frat boys and one hundred Jägerdudes working gay clubs.

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