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Description: J 32 Lansen is a Swedish fighter-bomber designed and manufactured by SAAB.

History: In the post-war years J 29 Tunnan provided the airsuperiority needed but it was found lacking in the attack-role. Tunnan lacked night-capability and had rather a small payload capacity. Project "1150" was started in 1948 with the express requirement that the aircraft "could carry its weapons - guns, rockets, bombs and missiles - from a centrally placed air base to any part of our 2000 km coast line, in under one hour, in any weather and during darkness". Lansen (Lance) was designed as a ground-attack aircraft from the beginning but a fighter version was developed later. The design was conventional for its time: two small airintakes along the sides, a swept-back wing and a tandem cockpit. Lansen was considerably larger than Tunnan and needed a far more powerful engine. Rolls-Royce Avon was chosen and used in all series aircraft. Since all aircraft always operated in groups only about 25% were actually equipped with a radar. Lansen was never a spectacular aircraft and never held any records, no Lansens were ever sold other nations but it was a capable workhorse which provided the Swedish airforce with an impressive attack capability. After Lansen was retired from active service it was used a target-tug for some years.

Current Status: No aircraft in service

Technical Data: (J 32B)
Length: 14.94 meters
Wing Span: 13.0 meters
Height: 4.65 meters
Thrust: 6500 kp (with AB)
Weight: 8077 kg (empty)
Speed: Mach 0.93
Engine: Volvo Aero RM 6A
Radar: Ericsson PS-432/A

Air to Air: 4 x Aden 30 mm Cannons, 75 mm rocket-pod, Rb-24 (AIM-9 Sidewinder)

Sources: Flygplankort, Military aviation: Swedish and worldwide(http://www.canit.se/~griffon/aviation/)

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