The Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) represent the civil aviation departments of a group of European States who have collaborated to set common safety standards (the JAR) in the areas of airworthiness, flight operations and aircrew licensing.

There are currently three types of pilot licences issued by the JAA:

JAA Private Pilot License

The Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL),

Holders of a CPL may act as PIC in single pilot aeroplanes (SPA) or as first officer (F/O)(co-pilot) in commercial multi crew aircraft if the holder has also passed the ATPL theoretical and has a type rating in the aircraft

The Airline Transport Pilots Licence (ATPl)

Allows the holder to exercise all the privileges of the holder of a PPL, CPl and I/R and also allows the holder to act as pilot in command PIC in commercial multi crew aircraft operations of the type of aircraft in which the licence is endorsed.

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