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The JAA Private Pilots License (JAA PPL) is the first step on the road to aircraft piloting in Europe. The JAA license allows pilots to fly anywhere within Europe under a standard set of rules and regulations, much like a European driving license.

The JAA PPL as it is often known allows a pilot to fly an aircraft with up to three passengers on a single engine, fixed pitch propeller aircraft such as the Piper PA-28 Warrior/Arrow or the Cessna 150/172/180.

The PPL limits pilots to the following conditions:
- The Aircraft must be in Visual Meteorological Conditions
- The Aircraft must be registered with a member state
- The pilot cannot recieve remuneration of any kind for his activities as a pilot

A PPL can be obtained by following tutition from a JAR registered flight training organisation (FTO). The training comprises of 45 hours training on a specific syllabus, of which 10 hours must be solo flight time. Most pilots take more than the minimum 45 hour period to pass the course. Pilots also take an average of 6 months to a year to complete the training, with some doing it in as little as two weeks.

Costs are varied but the majority seem to be around £4500 for the standard training package and required equipment such as headsets. Costs are expected to fall with the introduction of diesel powered planes which have recently been developed by Thieret, a Renualt subsidury.

-AFE Training Manual Series: Air Law, Operational Procedures & Radio Communications, 2001 Edition
Personal training experience

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