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Title: Rock of Ages, Part VI: Stone of Destiny
Release Date: February 1998
Writer: Grant Morrison
Pencillers: Howard Porter, Gary Frank, and Greg Land
Inkers: John Dell and Bob McLeod
JLA Members: Superman, Batman, the Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Aztek, Green Lantern, the Flash, and Aquaman.
Guest Stars: Plastic Man and Metron.
Bad Guys:
The Injustice Gang (Lex Luthor, the Joker, Dr. Light, Ocean Master, Mirror Master, Circe, and Jemm, Son of Saturn).

So what happens?
Batman, Superman, and the Martian Manhunter teleport themselves aboard the Injustice Gang's satellite, and from that point, there's a lot of hitting and hurting and suchlike, but here are the major events of the battle:
  • There are two Jokers aboard the satellite: the real one (tied up belowdecks) and Plastic Man in disguise...

  • Mirror Master and Green Arrow both reveal the fact that they were plants sabotaging the Injustice Gang's plans...

  • Plastic Man loves Circe. Circe changes Plastic Man into animals. Plastic Man keeps getting himself back to his normal shape...

  • Luthor uses the Philosopher's Stone to turn the battle to his favor until Jemm, freed of the mind control that made him serve the Injustice Gang, knocks the Stone loose...

  • Aztek defuses the nukes inside the Watchtower...

  • Just before Superman destroys the Philosopher's Stone, the Martian Manhunter gets a telepathic alert from Green Lantern and prevents the Stone from being destroyed. Whew!

  • The Injustice Gang's satellite is destroyed...

  • The Joker gets control of the Philosopher's Stone and starts to use its power to radically change reality, but the Martian Manhunter telepathically makes him sane temporarily, and the Joker, overcome with remorse for his crimes, uses the Stone to return everyone killed in the Injustice Gang's Star City raid back to life. Whew!

  • Green Arrow and Aztek announce their retirement from the JLA...

  • Superman, Batman, and Aquaman announce that the JLA has been disbanded. They--What?! What the hell? Where's my Whackin' Stick?!

Cool Quotes!
Luthor, confronting the fake Joker: "How long have you been masquerading as the Joker?"
Plastic Man: "Just a little longer than you've been wearing those shorts, Lex! I've been meaning to bring it up: I've spent quite some time on the wrong side of the law myself and I know the importance of fresh underwear."

Plastic Man, expressing his undying love to Circe: "I know you're a goddess! I know you possess the power to turn men into beasts! I know you're an immortal and I'll be piloting a wheelchair when you're still dancing weekends at "Cheeks"! I've had weirder girlfriends."

Plastic Man, after Circe turns him into a pig: "Nice try, babe. 'Are you my mom?'"

The Joker, temporarily sane: "I think I need help..."

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