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Title: Strange New World
Release Date: August 1998
Writer: Mark Waid
Penciller: Arnie Jorgensen
Inkers: Dave Meikis and Doug Hazlewood
JLA Members: Superman, Wonder Woman (Hippolyta), Green Lantern, the Flash, the Martian Manhunter, Steel, Orion, and Barda.
Guest Stars: Adam Strange.
Bad Guys: The En'Tarans.

So what happens?
Members of the JLA are still held prisoner on Rann by Adam Strange and the En'Tarans, where they are forced to rebuild the devastated cities of the planet. Steel realizes that Orion's Mother Box can be used to shield himself from the En'Tarans' telepathy--he is able to destroy the collars which keep the JLA prisoner, and they quickly subdue Adam and the En'Tarans.

But Adam and J'onn reveal that Adam's insanity was a ruse--the En'Tarans had brought his wife back from the dead so they could invade Rann and steal the planet's Zeta-Beam teleportation technology. Adam used a device called a Menticizer to make himself appear insane to the En'Tarans' telepathic scan, and his quest to rebuild Rann was actually a ploy to (A) get the JLA to Rann to help and (B) build the world's biggest Zeta-Beam projector to send the En'Tarans to the opposite side of the galaxy. Adam has himself tied to a giant lens so the projector can draw the Zeta radiation out of his body. Meanwhile, Flash supercharges Superman with extra speed so he can outrace the Zeta-Beam and rescue Strange's wife and father-in-law (both being held hostage by the En'Tarans). At the last picosecond, Superman rescues the hostages just before the Zeta-Beam sends the whole En'Taran invasion fleet to the prison planet of Takron-Galtos.

With the Zeta-Beam radiation gone, the JLA is teleported back to Earth. Unfortunately, after a very brief reunion with his wife, Adam, a native Earthling, is also teleported to Earth. Bittersweet ending and all that...

Cool Moments!
Superman outracing the Zeta-Beam.

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