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Title: The Tenth Circle, Part V: Convergence
Release Date: Early June 2004
Writer: John Byrne and Chris Claremont
Penciller: John Byrne
Inker: Jerry Ordway
JLA Members: Batman, the Martian Manhunter, the Flash, Green Lantern (John Stewart), the Atom, Wonder Woman, and Superman.
Guest Stars: The Doom Patrol (Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Girl, and Niles Caulder), Nudge, Vortex, and Grunt.
Bad Guys: Crucifer, vampires, and minions.

So what happens?
Another issue, another unnecessary flashback. This time, we bounce back to when the JLA arrived at the Doom Patrol's hideout at the abandoned prison at Key Mordaz, Florida. They run into Nudge and Grunt--Green Lantern cages Grunt, while J'onn reads Nudge's mind. She seems to be channeling a whole lot of angry minds for some reason. Since the JLA doesn't know if they can trust her, they cage her up, too.

Back at Crucifer's castle, Vortex is trying to figure out some way to break Superman out of his hypnotized state when he's attacked by a vampire. While grabbing at him, the vampire accidentally pulls off Vortex's face--it was actually a mask all along! And when the vamp sees what Vortex's face really looks like, it collapses in a fit of madness, despair, and horror! Apparently, Vortex looks exactly like Kathy Lee Gifford! Oh, of course I'm lying! Just to make sure the vampire doesn't tell Crucifer about the plots against him, Vortex stakes it.

After a short trip to Themyscira to see that, yep, Wonder Woman's still injured, we return to Key Mordaz, where the JLA finds the secret passage to the Doom Patrol's secret hideout. Once introductions are made, Nudge and Grunt are brought in, and it's revealed that Manitou Raven's "telling stones" contain a dimensional nexus that can only be accessed by someone who's small enough to travel inside. So Elasti-Girl shrinks down, goes inside, and ends up where the Atom is. They check out the "religious icon" that Crucifer left in the alien dimension and beam pictures of it back to the JLA and Doom Patrol. Everyone looks shocked and surprised by it, but we still don't get to see what it is.

And in Barnes, Saskatchewan, Crucifer's final plan is revealed. Using the young metahuman cultists he's assembled, he turns all of them into host bodies for the vampires who'd been trapped in another dimension. It looks like he's finally triumphed, but the Justice League and the Doom Patrol finally show up to give him some smackdown.

Uncool Moments!
Yaaawwn. And where are Plastic Man, Firestorm, and Major Disaster?!

Final Grade: C-

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