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Why drinking fountains have 2 holes
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Allowl Because it was just fun to say "All-owl-at-a-o-l-dot-com" really fast.
BLUE Because I 'hacked' a website and wrote in new news items in blue. I have since become the webmaster there.
.BLUE Because BLUE was my screen name for TFC. putting the . in front specifies that I am only one element of a team. (you understand, right? OOP?)
Evil Punman Because... er, that's pretty much self-explanatory. If you're still not sure, then check out my specialties, then seek help for your mental ineptitude.
Jabberwocky (not Jabberwock) In my opinion is the action of making up new words that seem gramatically correct when used. An excellent example is the manner in which Max of 1/0 (an online comic: oneoverzero.keenspace.com) speaks.