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Apparently the sexiest man to ever be involved with the National Football League.

Born April 4, 1963, Jack Del Rio was a starter at linebacker for four years at the University of Southern California. He was drafted in the third round of the 1985 NFL college draft by the New Orleans Saints. He was also drafted by Major League Baseball's Toronto Blue Jays in 1981. While at the University of Southern California he was the catcher on a baseball team that also featured Randy Johnson and Mark McGwire.

After an eleven year career as a linebacker for the New Orleans Saints, Kansas City Chiefs, Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings, Del Rio retired from playing. In 1997 he was hired by the Saints as "Assistant Strength Coach" and became the team's linebackers coach the following year.

In 2002, Del Rio was hired as the defensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers. The team's defense had ranked 31st, or second to last, in the league the previous year. Under Del Rio, they finished the season with the second best ranked defense in the league. This remarkable turn around brought Del Rio an offer from the Jacksonville Jaguars and he became the team's head coach at the age of 40.

Which brings us to the more important issue. Sex appeal.

Watching football in Orlando, you often get to watch Jacksonville Jaguars games. This year I noticed something very unusual during the games. The camera fixates on Jack Del Rio. If there is a lull in the game, or even if there isn't, the camera will find Jack Del Rio. The announcers always seem to say something strange.

"Well, the Jaguars are losing, but take a look at Jack Del Rio. Isn't he amazingly good looking?"

The other day I stumbled across an article in Sports Illustrated and they were talking about the Jaguars disappointing 5-11 season. They didn't miss their opportunity. They also discussed Jack Del Rio's "tight rear end." I kid thee not.

They won't even show the cheerleaders during the Jaguars games any longer because it takes away camera time from Jack Del Rio, and he is much better looking than any cheerleader. He is some kind of football Adonis, and I think his image has been burned into the minds of many this football season.

I have yet to see any women talk about Jack Del Rio, only men, which brings me to believe that his incredible physical beauty appeals mostly to fellers. I guess after too many years of looking at Bill Parcells' oddly misshapen torso and yogurt and limestone face, football fans are ready for some eye candy.

Of course, the league's promoters are disappointed by Jacksonville not being any kind of factor this year and not being in the playoffs. Playoffs mean more camera time for the gorgeous, golden haired Jack Del Rio. A Superbowl appearance would seal the deal. Then he could endorse hair care products and other things that good looking men are into and they would listen, because all good looking men aspire to be as incredibly, overwhelmingly hot as Jack Del Rio.

Beyond that, the evidence of the Jack Del Rio love affair continues into the post-season. Whereas most fans and media halfwits will crucify a coach for finishing the season 5-11, Del Rio gets sympathy. "He's a great coach and the team is taking on his fiery personality," reports one columnist. "They need to get Del Rio some players so he can build a winning football team," says another. "I hope they don't fire him, I'd miss seeing him on the sidelines," says another.

I think I'm starting to fall in love with Jack Del Rio myself. It is like a spell that is very hard to break away from. Don't look too long into his steely blue eyes or he will own you as well.

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