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Jack Endino has been called the 'godfather of grunge.' While this may or may not be true, he was the engineer/producer for some of the biggest bands of the nineties, working in some fashion in some sixty percent of the top ten albums to come from Seattle between 1985 and 1994. Also an accomplished guitarist, Endino was a member of Skin Yard from its founding in 1985 until 1992, and guided its progress with his seering guitar riffs, thick, crunchy distortion, and not-quite-screams. Skin Yard was one of the five bands included on the now infamous Deep Six compilation of 1985, a record that would mark the point of liftoff for bands like Soundgarden and The Melvins. Endino worked for many years with grunge-machine Sub Pop Records as an engineer, shaping even their earliest releases, like Green River's debut Dry as a Bone.

All told, Endino has worked on over 270 albums, in ten countries, and has become renowned for turning lo-fi recording into an art. At the end of this are SELECTIONS from his discography, which is, as stated above, quite lengthy. These are simply the most notable or iconic albums. For more information, I suggest starting with his own website at www.endino.com which has a ton of information, even if it is a little disorganized.

SELECTED DISCOGRAPHY: (titles in bold print have sold over 100,00 copies)
Also in 2005 he released his Permanent Fatal Error solo album, which is definitely worth a listen.

SOURCES: http://www.endino.com/index2.html

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