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Poet Jack Gilbert was born in Pittsburgh in 1925, where he was educated (as well as in San Francisco). He has lived for extended periods in New York, San Francisco, Northampton, Japan, and the Greek islands.

Jack Gilbert's first volume of poems, VIEWS OF JEOPARDY, received the Yale Younger Poet's Prize in 1962, and was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, alongside collections by Robert Frost and William Carlos Williams. Monolithos, 1962 and 1982, also nominated for the Pulitzer, was awarded the Stanley Kunitz Prize and the American Poetry Review Prize. Gilbert's most recent collection, The Great Fires, 1982-1992, remains true to the sparse, concrete, yet powerfully affecting style that has always characterized his work. David St. John praised him for the "stoniest and most aesthetic Romanticism in American poetry."

Thanks to the Poetry Center at Smith College: http://www.smith.edu/poetrycenter

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