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A member of the family of WB cartoons.

The cartoon, done in the same style of animation as the Men in Black cartoon and Aeon Flux, follows the story of Jackie Chan, his niece Jade, and his uncle, as they stop a group of terrorists from collecting a series of magic amulets. Each amulet has a sign of the Zodiac on it, and each possesses special powers pertaining to the sign.

The cartoon, produced by Jackie Chan and his brother, is very well done. The same lighthearted combat and good natured fun that you find in Jackie Chan movies is present here, with Jackie (as always the regretful hero) combating the forces of darkness and still retaining a good sense of humor.

Jackie, voiced by James Sie, does a more than passable impersonation of Chan. His characterization of Chan is also excellent. He always reminds me of the Jackie we get to see in Legend of Drunken Master.

The niece, voiced by Stacie Chan, contributes to the humor of the 'toon (by occasionally needing to be saved, and bringing a younger point of veiw to the show) without being annoying.

The other main character in the show, Jackie's Uncle (a title Jade also bestows on him), is voiced by Sab Shimono. He plays the crotchety old guy to a tee. His primary purpose in the show it to research what the talismans do.

The show airs Saturday mornings on the WB.

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