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A brewery based in Launceston Tasmania, Australia.

In 1881 James Boag and his son (also called James Boag) bought the Esk brewery from it's owner, Charles Button. The brewery was located close to the Esk River which is the source of the water used in the production of its beer.

After some financial difficulties in the 1980s, the brewery re-listed on the ASX in 1994 and managed to repay all its debts by 1997. During these times, the brewery continued to win awards for its beers, including James Boag's Premium Lager which along with Boags Strongarm Bitter are the two of the brewery's beers most preferred by Australian drinkers.

In 2000, the San Miguel corporation completed a 'friendly' takover of J. Boag and Son.

Their main rival in Tasmania is the Cascade brewery. Of late, Boags has become the leader of the two in the boutique beer market in Australia.

Some information taken from http://www.boags.com.au/

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