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The dissident in the Mormons who wanted to succeed Joseph Smith. After Joseph Smith was assassinated Strang claimed that God told him that he was supposed to be the new leader of the Mormons. He also produced a letter that was supposedly from Smith saying that Strang was his intended successor. Strang was denounced by Brigham Young and his posse as an impostor and for the forgery of the letter from Joseph Smith. Strang wasn't into it any more so he formed his own sect called the Strangites.

After relocating his followers to Wisconsin Strang supposedly translated The Book of the Law of the Lord with some glasses given to him by an angel from gold plates that were supposed to be from the Ark of the Covenant. He claimed that the plates gave him revelations that authorized polygamy and coronated him as King James I.

Eventually Strang was assassinated by some of his former followers. At the time of his death he had 5000 or so faithful followers.

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