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James Michael Tyler is an actor most noted for his recurring role on Friends as Gunther. He has also appeared on Just Shoot Me and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. The story is that he was just an extra on Friends who given a line. He did so well that they gave him a recurring role. This launched his acting career. You can see him in nearly every Friends episode, but sometimes he is just in the background and doesn't get to speak. His character is usually good for sarcastic humor that is usually a whole level above the similar jokes employed by Matt Perry's Chandler character. The only time you ever see him outside of his coffee shop is whenever one of the main characters has a party. They always invite "Gunther", although none of them know why.

He has also had roles in 3 films.

Foreign Correspondents as Randy.
The Disturbance at Dinner as Wilson Pomade.
Motel Blue as Oscar Bevins.

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